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The past few months in esports

02.05.19 | Ben J
We take a look at what's been happening in the fast-paced world of esports in the past few months....

Marketers need to understand gaming communities before it’s game over

20.03.19 | Shannon
Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are all advertising their major investments at the Game...

Apex Legends vs Anthem launch marketing comparison

22.02.19 | Dan
Video game launch marketing comparison of Apex Legends and Anthem. Two high profile video game...

Moov2 is now ETCH Play

31.01.19 | Dan
Moov2 will now be called ETCH Play, the games focused division of ETCH Group. ETCH Play provide...

Rocket Jump and Ukie Christmas drinks

20.11.18 | Andrea
Rocket Jump Community Managers Summit networking drinks with Ukie Christmas drinks.

Speaker Announcement: Alison Lamont

16.11.18 | Ben J
Our next Community Managers' Summit speaker announcement is Alison Lamont from Roehampton...

Speaker Announcement: Bee Wakefield

16.11.18 | Dan
Last but by no means least, our final speaker to announce is Bee Wakefield, community manager for...

Speaker Announcement: Jonti Sparrow

16.11.18 | Dan
Next up on the Community Managers' Summit roster is Jonti Sparrow, a Youtuber sharing advice on...

First Community Managers' Summit Speakers Announced

14.11.18 | Ben J
We're excited to announce our first speakers for the upcoming Community Managers' Summit.

Community Managers' Summit

13.11.18 | Dan
After more than a year hiatus, we're back with another Rocket Jump Event and this time we're all...
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