Blast off: re-launching the Moov2 blog

Published on 6th July 2017. Written by Dan.

We’ve had a blog for quite a while at Moov2. Whenever we’ve had a spare moment between working on websites and apps for game developers, we’ve tried to take stock and scribble down some of our thoughts right here.

However, we haven’t had the chance to write for it as regularly as we would have liked to. So that’s why we’re relaunching our blog and announcing that we’ll be putting up posts on a weekly basis.

We’ll be unleashing the creativity of the Moov2 team, letting them show off their expertise in an informative and educational way.

They’ll be putting together tips posts, debating the biggest issues of the day, producing handy resources or checklists and rounding up the events that they’ve attended.

They’ll also be showing you what goes on behind the curtain, showing you some of the concepts that have gone into the extended experiences and sites we’ve created on behalf of our clients.

And, along with all this content, we’ll also be providing a round up of all the content we’ve created in an easy to digest monthly newsletter that goes straight to your inbox.

Stay up to date

So, how can you keep track of everything we’ll be up to? Well you can:

  • Bookmark our blog to make sure you have easy access to all the latest posts.
  • Follow us on social media to hear what the team is up to right this very second.
  • Sign up to our newsletter to receive our monthly round up and other exclusive details.

And if you want to support the content on our blog further, you can submit guest posts. We’re accepting posts about how companies use their digital presence to support video games and you can get in touch with us about providing a post at our contact page.

That’s it for now. We’re really excited about re-launching the blog and we can’t wait to start creating content for you soon.