Speaker Announcement: Jonti Sparrow

Published on 16th November 2018. Written by Dan.

Next up on the Community Managers' Summit roster is Jonti Sparrow, a Youtuber sharing advice on connecting with niche influencers.



When releasing a game, it can be tempting to get your allocation of keys and throw them out to the biggest influencers you can find... but does this 'catch all' method really work? This talk will show you, through real world case studies, how approaching and fostering relationships with smaller, niche content creators can massively increase your reach and share some advice on how to get the best out of a 'core group of influencers' to not only get great coverage, but to begin long lasting relationships with brand ambassadors.


Performer, writer, podcaster and YouTuber

Jonti Sparrow is an award-winning performer, writer, podcaster and YouTuber and the creator of Geekism, a collection of educational and entertaining videos for the geekishly minded. Jonti spent 10 years as a professional magician before turning his talents to the online world. Now, he tries to be the 'Antidote YouTuber', bringing his charm and relaxed wit to an area of content overran with 'shouty people with bright hair'.

Follow Jonti (@jontisparrow ) on Twitter and check out his Geekism website.


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